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Read the following excerpt from latest Busta Rhymes interview with Ballerstatus.net where he speaks about upcoming Raekwons album "Only Built For Cuban Links Part 2", project co-executive produced by himself:

BallerStatus.net: The word out there is that youre actually co-executive producing Raekwons album. Can u speak on that?

Busta: Yeah, Raekwon is a great friend of mine and Im a great friend of his, Rza, Ghost, and the whole Wu...those are my peoples. I just respected that project so much that I just wanted to be whatever support that I could be to Rae. You know Rae doesnt really need my support, Im just the one that helped excite the drive to do it sooner. I know a Cuban Linx album was gonna drop eventually, but I was just getting a little impatient for the sh-- to happen. I would always holla at it all the time like, "Rae, lets get you in the studio and put yourself in the same mentality when you made that classic sh-- fam. Lets start chiseling away at that Glacier of Ice man....theres a diamond you can sculpture out of that big ass rock." So, thats how it all started man. Basically, because Rae is a master at his craft, so I just put myself out there and told him whatever support he needs that Im here and thats basically that. So, Im here for whatever he needs and Rza is big piece of the project too. The sh--s going to be some sh--.

You can read the rest of the interview here.
Many thanks to BallerStatus.net!

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