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Whatís going on with Cuban Linx II?

Working on, itís finally in the makings. Itís gonna be a sick record, a lot of hard joints. Weíre taking it back to like the underground, classic Wu-era. We had the different kinds of music, production and all that, so youíre gonna hear lots of street tales over gritty sounds, itís gonna be hot though.


How much is RZA doing on the album?
Heís doing a substantial amount. Heís basically keeping our ears open to more product. Right now, itís the new millennium, weíre not really trying to saturate it with just us, we want to be able to get other opportunities to producers too, to appear with someone that big. Itís really a blessing to be able to do it like that.

You just dropped a new mixtape too, right?
Yeah we got a new mixtape out called The Vatican, itís basically just letting everybody know our brand is still out there. And you know you get a chance to hear some new songs, hear some skits, and basically just kind of fill out who I am, the person that I am. Like I said, itís just to let people know to get ready for whatís about to come, so thereís a lot of highlights on this album thatís gonna be having people going crazy. Get ready for it.

How many cuts did you end up doing on Ghostfaceís new album?
Must have done about 4 or 5 joints.

And thatís dropping a month or two before yours?
Well weíre looking for an April release, and I think Ghost is looking at February or March.

You think youíre gonna have any really easy single off the album, like Ghost is doing with ďBe EasyĒ?
To be honest, if you really look at the element of [ Only Built 4 Cuban Linx] thereís a lot of street shit on that album, and Iím basically just trying to capture that for that core audience real quick, Iím not really caught up in the frame of having a mainstream record, Iím just giving everybody a vibe of what they wanted, when they wanted it. Singles will probably be announced, but it ainít like I have one here or one there.

Thatís probably for the better.
I mean I realized that I canít sell myself short on how I feel. If this the music that Iím making, and at the time I want this to be heard, then thatís what itís gonna be. Itís not just like I donít have sympathy for the people or what they may want, but everybody want that hard shit from me, so Iím just gonna keep it hard.

Is there any one track on that album that youíre already really excited about, something on a level with other classics?
Well put it like this, I got a song on there with a couple of members from the Clan, and itís called ďThe House of Flying Daggers.Ē And thatís gonna be a big record, because we kinda got everybody in the same frame of mind, itís as if we did ďProtect Ya NeckĒ again. We call the tongue a sword, so ďThe House of Flying DaggersĒ is a bunch of dudes with their swords out, getting busy. So itís gonna be one of them kind of songs, that itís gonna highlight the album and make the Wu so big that people are gonna be like ďThis is what we want to hear from you.Ē Like I said, Iím just rhyming, letting everybody know that I still got it. But when it comes time to judge a single, Iím not gonna judge it, Iím gonna let the people judge it. I feel more comfortable with them saying what they like and what they donít like. Everybody canít like everything, but at the same time I want to give the people a type of way where they can hear a couple of things and then recall it. But, this is a prolific record, this is a very, very high volume rap record. You ainít gonna hear too much of that smooth clean shit on there. Itís gonna be a lot of dirty shit, but this is what people want. Itís the Cuban Link era, itís on.

Do you think the clan is going to be doing anything as a whole any time soon?
I can say yeah. As far as us getting into the same building though, right at the moment, itís kind of tough, because everybody has individual projects that still bring about financial problems. We just gotta stay busy and continue to do mad work.

Itís been a decade since Cuban Linx came out, are you thinking its going to be a decade more before a follow-up to this next one?

I know this game like you know how to tie your sneakers. I havenít been able to drop a lot of albums, but in 2006 I got a new plan, a new development thatís going on, that yíall are gonna be like ďWow, heís showing us his work ethic.Ē Itís still in the beginning stages of everything, even in my career. I got the energy for this though, Iím gonna be here for a long time.

Many thanks to Fader Magazine for doing the Interview

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