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Tekitha will be joining The Last Emperor on a track for his upcoming and long awaited debut album Music, Magic, Myth. On that album you can also find the much talked about song One Life with Poetic from the Gravediggaz and singer Estero.

[wimg=left]../images/covers/respectmine.jpg[/wimg]Here's the cover for Mathematics' single Respect Mine. This one dropped May 23rd, 2003 on High Times Records. This record was also featured in the Chairman's Choice section of the XXL magazine: I never imagined I'd be writing up a record featuring Wu-Tang Clan for this column - ostensibly an editorial space devoted to the efforts of the unproven, underappreciated or anyone else in rap's (on-the) bubble bunch. But thanks to the Iron Flag consumer apathy (yeah, this means you, muthafucka) that secured the group its bricklayers union card, here I am, baby - forced to exalt the merits of longtime Wu producer Mathematics'latest banger, Respect Mine (High Times) featuring Raekwon and Method Man (as well as a brief appearance from space case Cappadonna), as if the question of its quality should even be in doubt. Look here, you memorydeficient ingrates. This is simple, real-ass hip-hop shit, propelled by Mathematics' ably dissected haunted-house piano and string chords, Rae's rejuvenated hunger and John John's playful verbaige - which proves more fun than crashing hoopties into Harvard Yard landmarks. Check Meth's name-drop method: "Beneath the Surface there's Redemption for Bobby Digital Supreme Clientele convention/Nigga Please/Immobilarity, they can't breathe so they Blackout/I used to write and smoke L's in the crack house/Peel your wig like a potato then I mash out/Check your ego at the door/Better wipe your feet before you step to me or it's yours!" On the intoxicating B-side, "Juscan'tluv" featuring Eyeslow, Mathematics reminds everyone which organization pioneered the sped-up soul sample production blueprint so in vogue today. Maybe it'll be a minute before the Wu is back all the way, but I for one am damn sure glad they're visiting.

Also featured in XXL is Method Man's Mercedes Benz:


Somebody stole Method Man's Benz. And they took it from in front of his house. "And I live right across the street from the police station," says Meth. "And they would say, 'That's a nice car Meth. I wouldn't park that car on the street if I was you.' I was like, 'Man I ain't worried about it. Ain't nobody gonna steal my car.' And sho' 'nuff one day, they took my car."

Instead of pouting about it, Meth bought himself a new Benz, a 2003 SL 55 AMG. He spotted it in the Robb Report and had to have it. While the SL 55 lists for about $125,000, Method Man put in an additional $35,000 worth of enhanchements.

"He wanted his car to be like the Batmobile, all blacked-out with red accents in the interior," says Will Castro of Unique Autosports. So the Unique team obliged Meth with custom red suede piping, custom logos on the headrests and custom mats.

"I like the red," admits Meth, touching the plush suede on his steering wheel. "But not too much red like these kids be doin'. Their cars be lookin' like LifeSavers or Skittles."

Meth asked that the grill behind the Mercedes emblem be painted red and have a red glow behind it. So Unique installed a seperate switch for the red neon light to match the star. They also ran an Alpine DVD navigation system through the factory head unit and a DVA-5205 Alpine DVD player. A Lorinser body kit, 20-inch Lowenharts in the rear, 19s in the front and Pirelli tires complete the sleek Gotham City look. "I'm pleased as punch," says Meth. "It's a nice fuckin' car."

According to David Meyer of Lakeview Auto Sales & Service Inc., the SL 55 engine is hand-assembled by AMG tuners and goes from 0-60 in less than 4-1/2 seconds. "Everything is top-notch, almost race car performance level," says Meyer. "The transmission is dual-mode. It's programmed for aggressive driving, but you can also turn around and change it when you want more of a smooth luxury ride. You can go full manual with the F1-style racing shifting. The little push buttons on the back of the steering wheel, the paddle buttons, allow you to change gears without a clutch."

While Meth loves his fast and furious car, it's not the most spacious vehicle for the big man. "You know what. It's a little cramped, but I look good in that muthafucka," says Meth. "That's real. I got one seat setting and it's all the way back. So getting brain in that whip is not an option."

Financing isn't an option either. "I paid for the whole car," says Meth. "No payments. Nothing. That car belongs to me. I don't have to see anybody each month to make payments."

Oh, and this time around, Method Man's not taking a chance of car thieves getting their hands on his new Benz. "There's a garage waiting for this one. It's a badass car."

Custom red suede trim on the steering wheel and gear shift, Wu-Tang mats.

Red suede stripes on the seats.

The Wu head rests complete the package.

Top down and chrome spinning on Meth's 2003 SL 55 AMG Mercedes-Benz.

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