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Default Re: According To This Scripture, Who Is Jesus Father ?

Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins

THE got dam title of the thread is

"According To This Scripture, Who Is Jesus Father ?"

do you see any WU Tang members or fans names in that scripture ?

Plus when i listen to WU, i understand whats being said - you cannot and will not understand whats being said if you don't have knowledge of self -
you only hear what you spooked yourself out to hear
Listen, and listen carefully - You are the one making these crazy fanatical outbursts, not me. If a beer can had "God" on it's cover, to your logic that would make the beer a religious fanatic. When I made my first comment in this thread I was putting your hypocrisy into perspective. Now, when you want to discuss biblical terms, you need to allow your opposition to discuss without the burden of persecution, otherwise you'll never get any answers. Acting like a profane asshole gets you nowhere. Knowing "one-self" does not reflect nor change actual text. There is no interpretation, it's clear as fuckin' day light that the intro refers to God and the rejectment of evolution.

If you're going to be an atheist at least be a smart one.

As to the original issue: maybe this might help...
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