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Default Re: According To This Scripture, Who Is Jesus Father ?

Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins
man just be quiet - you look real stupid to me right now

how does WU = religious fanatics

you see, all that spooky ghost dust done got in your eyes and you can't see shit
You really should try and maintain some kind of element of respect here. For somebody who shares the same musical interests as I do you sure as hell act rude to your fellow Wu-tangers. We're all adults here, arn't we?

Why should I be quiet for the sake of your own free will of speech? If you're going to bring up certain issues you should be fully prepared and ready for hard questions, and allow others to state their own opinions.

I don't recall ever stating that Wu were religious fanatics , but your idea of a "religious fanatic" isn't my idea of fanaticism. Maybe you don't listen too well when playing Wu records, but it's clear you've completely failed to hear the heavy influence God has on their music. I would suggest starting off by playing the intro for "WU-TANG FOREVER." Then maybe you'll have a vast idea to what I'm talking about.

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