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Default Re: Yo Crack Maximott

Originally Posted by crackmaximott
spic crack maximott dun told u nigga he be posted up on maximotts block nigga slangin that crack nigga. nigga roll wif ur homies thru brownsville nigga dey all be leavin in bodybags nigga. nigga where yo aunt and uncle live nigga. give me the address nigga. let dat boy crack maximott visit you nigga. nigga if u come thru brownsville nigga u dun find dat boy maximott nigga dat boy maximott finds u's spic. nigga yo soft homos prully aint even in brownsville nigga u's prully styll be in pussy town spic. nigga just come through the hood n ask bout dat boy maximott nigga maximotts homeys dat be from rikers dun capped u nigga. soft homo dun try call out dat boy maximott nigga in maximotts hood nigga. nigga maximotts a cot damn murderer and crack dealer nigga u's think dat boy maximott dun got a problem capped u's spic. u's bitches
wtf is your real name? is it terrance? i remember that fuckin thread that mixtape mutt did, and you hit him up on AIM, and you say you really live in deleware and your real name is terrance daniels,and your really white,lmao, let met get that thread and put it up, i need some comic relif.
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