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Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post
and i mean what i said you're in denial and please dont try to use big words in proper context wu corp members know your style like they know the back of there own hand and you arent impressing anybody,

you stated im on ironman's ball

for one: im a member that remains in ambiguity

lets be real, you clinging to sunnys' dick for dear life, practically begging to be let into KTL

Question: you want sunny gone as a mod but if he leaves whose then entitled to that role as

i don't have a problem, but i find that whenever you and sunny have a disagreement you make a thread trying to diss dude (this has already been proven with your creation of 3 threads you made in reference to proves that he's on your mind).....grown men dont do this shit and it shows your level of immaturity.

since you consider yourself to be so damn intelligent and think youre high on the intellectual totem pole , ponder this over while you're making threads so effortlessly: whose getting more attention sunny or you for make these posts?

what effect does it have on the intended target and the threadstarter?
i'm actually not going to throw any punches at sunny in this thread
i mad this thread because the hate was all over the place in every thread in the forum taking the subject off topic
notice how i did not call him Sunny-chan
so heres a place to duk-it-out

and i do not want to be a mod i already have mod status in an other forum and i'm thinking of given that up

and what i want from sunny is

A: a public apology for his behaver
B: stepping down from his status

but if he wants to be a real man i'll be satisfied with both
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