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Default Re: Fuckin Girl And She Throwz up?

Originally Posted by Shaolin Warrior
Word up. They way you said it reminded me of him too. He sneaks that "Bring The Ruckus" sample into a lot fo conversations.

And has the Latino hating begun already?! What the fuck is this?!
Too bad your friend is not a hot girl, cause if it was so I would have you introduce me to her and perhaps I could impress her with my wu tang sword style!!!

But on the real, the most funny shit ever was this time when me and my friend got mad fucked up (a certain ingredient even stronger then a shaolin soilder happend to be in our koolaid if you catch my drift) and we was just playin the begining of Bring the Ruckus over and over laughing our asses off and now the wu tang kung fu movie samples crack my fat ass up... It was the funniest thing, my friend sitting on the floor with one of his timbs on the wrong foot and some busted up adidas on the other foot with his fucked up afro laughin his ass off at the begining of bring da ruckus!
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