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Originally Posted by Novel T View Post

You should at least post a link to where you got these dates from, or another website that updates regulary!!!!!
Novel T, good luck with your new thread. But why all the hate? Like we've known each other for years? Where you call me lame and a fool in your other thread... because I don't have time to put in an hour a day looking for info on different sites to satisfy 10 people or so on a small internet site. You are just the definition of why I stopped posting anywhere on this site 2 years ago and just kept to updating the thread. And why I am ultimately leaving. A site where people used to build on good music and general life, and turned into a site full of arguments between two people who don't know each other and a place where people make 4-5 user names and post under them all.

How long do you expect me to stay here for? Till I'm 30?

But Please Let The Mods Just Close The Thread

Peace Jeru

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