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  1. YO! I never looked too much into the Maschine Mikro (I just assume spend a little extra dough for the Maschine if you're gonna buy something that you're gonna use for years). But I don't have many cons for the Maschine - it didn't have time stretch when I bought it but they just had a software update to include timestretch and I haven't had time to use it since the update lol. Otherwise it was mad easy to learn, I only been at it about 2 months, love the MPC and SP1200 filters you can put on drums and samples. Just watch some youtube videos man it's a real nice piece of hardware for the price. It comes with 10 or 20 gigs worth of sounds out of the box too and free software updates for life.
  2. yo wus up with the NI mashine pros & cons i been looking @ mpd controller, i see NI Mashine Mikro for like 200 got me kind of open is it worth it to go with with the full as suppose to just the mikro
  3. man i just seen that post where you just heard dah shinin smif n wessun album for the first time well if you dont know bout blackmoon enta da stage check that shit cop it it wont disappoint
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